Beatrice King Richland One School Board

What has improved over the last 6 years

Graduation Rate

2012: 67.7%

2017: 78.9%

Academic Strengthening

More targeted and individualized student interventions

Strategic focus on Literacy and Numeracy

More students taking AP and dual enrollment courses

Relevant and targeted Professional Development for teachers and staff

College and career readiness focus

More Choice

Language Immersion program - Spanish, Mandarin. French in 19-20.

Expansion of Montessori in middle grades

Strengthening of Health Magnet program

Expansion of Career Education programs

Expansion of IB Program

Virtual progam

Business and Faith-Based Partnerships

Strategic alliances with local and regional organizations and businesses

Development of Internship and Apprenticeship opportunities

Purposeful Volunteer and Mentorship programs

My priorities

Students First

All decisions, including policy, operational, instructional and programmatic,  must answer the question "is it in line with the strategic plan and meeting the needs of all students?" with a resounding "YES!". 

Watching, Stretching $$$

With a limited budget and a wide diversity of needs, Richland One must spend every dollar in the most efficient and productive way possible.  That means strategizing, analyzing, evaluating and monitoring every aspect of the district functions.

Setting a Vision

As the state capital's school district, Richland One is uniquely located to benefit from and contribute to a rapidly growing region, competing to attract businesses and families.  How does Richland One position itself to become a premier district of choice?

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